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I grew up in a Christian family in America with great parents and every opportunity. When I was 11 years old I inherited my grandfather's acoustic guitar and label maker (the inspiration for my logo). I started taking classical guitar lessons and a couple years later I joined my first band as a rhythm guitarist. In high school I started to rebel against my parents and abuse alcohol and drugs. I also started writing and recording my own music. By Christmas break my freshman year of college I had destroyed my life by chasing my dream of being a rockstar and taking all kinds of drugs. I had ruined my relationships with friends and family, my health was in serious trouble, and my grades were plumetting. I had become an atheist. One night, laying on a futon in a dingy basement apartment, I asked God if He was real to show me. Over the next few weeks I sobered up just in case He did. And He did! I started to see how every detail in our life is being orchestrated by God. Nothing is happening by accident! I wanted to know the true God, so after thinking about it I decided to read the story of Jesus. I think I read the Gospel of Matthew. I felt that if even half of it was true that Jesus was the Son of God. After more thought I asked God for forgiveness, thanked Him for the sacrifice of His own Son, and gave my life to Him. I have never been the same! I'm not perfect, and I've made a lot of mistakes since then, but I love God and am so thankful for His forgiveness and healing. Jesus saved me!
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