Quick Facts

Joshua James Hunt

Boulder, CO

Alternative Rock

The Sun God (2007)
Midvale Sessions (2012)
Just Let Go (2016)
Open The Door (2017)

Touring Members:
Cody Duran (Bass)
Kyle Gentile (Drums)

Full Story

Over the last decade, Joshua James Hunt's music has evolved from psychedelic stoner jams to a hard-hitting brand of alternative rock with a distinctive punk flavor. Powerful songwriting, beautiful production, and counter-cultural philosophy are making his latest album Open The Door a hit with fans and critics alike.

Joshua James Hunt was born in 1988 in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA. His musical journey began at the age of 11 when he inherited his grandfather Homer's acoustic guitar along with some beginner books, guitar picks, a cool strap, and a label maker. In high school he recorded his first album, Abstract Notions, featuring GarageBand drums, heavy guitar riffs, and pre-pubescent, oddly-philosophical lyrics. In 2007, as a freshman in college, Joshua recorded and released his first commercial record called The Sun God which combined a wide range of styles and sounds to paint vivid musical and lyrical landscapes. He produced it as a concept album with the songs flowing into one another, the song titles spelling the album name, and the songs vaguely telling the story of his chaotic life over the two years prior.

After graduating college, Joshua's creativity was sparked by a long-aniticipated move to Los Angeles, and his first single "California (Here I Come)" drew a first wave of critical attention. In 2012 his west coast escapades found their way into a third album, Midvale Sessions, which he named after a short-lived underground concert series on his street in Westwood Village. Recorded with the help of several incredible musicians, — pianist Will Wells (Imagine Dragons), drummer David Ely (Red Not Chili Peppers), bassist Joshua Barnhart, violinist Darcy Stamp (Josh Groban), and guitar effects legend Paul Nordeen — the album featured matured vocals and songwriting, raw and authentic tonality, and a stylistic nod towards his southern roots.

In late 2015, Joshua passed through Boulder, CO on a spur-of-the-moment cross-country open mic tour and was persuaded by some friendly people he met there to stay. The fate felt strong. In the months following he recorded his third solo album Just Let Go, named from the words of a dream that came true and composed of songs he had written while living in Los Angeles. Joshua performed songs from the album in Colorado, North Carolina, and Georgia, and released two music videos: "Tell Me Girl" (thanks to cast and crew), the lighthearted story of a high school crush, and "Adventure Is Out There" (thanks to sponsors), footage from an epic two-and-a-half-week west coast road trip. Both videos starred the beautiful Aram Yu.

After the "Adventure Is Out There" road trip, Joshua's mind was overflowing with new lyrical and musical ideas, largely revolving around philosophies that had captured his imagination in recent years. He wrote the words and music for Open The Door that fall, composing most of the chords and melodies from a hilltop overlooking Boulder, and recorded the album in Boulder and Atlanta that winter. The song "War Is Not The Answer" features a virtual crowd of voices from all over the world shouting out against war. Several songs from the album have been featured in online publications, and the album is his first to receive international attention.

Joshua is currently performing songs from Open The Door and Just Let Go with Cody Duran (Bass) and Kyle Gentile (Drums). Become a citizen to keep up with show dates and new releases.